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3 Best Fitness Apps You Should Install In 2022

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, people confined to their homes were forced to work, play, and socialize from home. And although this change may have instilled feelings of dismay at the start, eventually people have adjusted their daily routines and now are more comfortable with the new normal.

Given this acceptance towards change, many fitness fanatics now believe that gyms will eventually become the thing of the past as more and more people are now choosing to work out at home. This has led to an increase in the popularity of different fitness and workout apps. These apps can help users keep track of their daily calorie intake, stay on top of their workout regimens, and all in all, encourage them to develop healthy habits.

We all have heard the benefits of exercising a thousand times. Besides maintaining a healthy body weight, exercise helps improve lung function, strengthens the heart, and lowers the risk of anxiety and depression.

Fitness apps are the most cost-effective way to stay healthy and in shape as compared to a gym membership. These are specialized programs that you can download on your phone or tablet. They provide you with the necessary motivation, accountability, and guidance needed to stay on top of your fitness goals.

There are several fitness apps out there, but we have rounded up the best ones based on the features they offer and how well they can contribute towards achieving the fitness goals set by the users.


If you are looking for sweaty, super-efficient, easy, and quick workout routines, Freeletics may be the app for you. The app contains bodyweight exercises like variations of squats, sit-ups, and burpees that can be done easily, at anytime, anywhere. You can also create a personalized HIIT workout routine for yourself.

Freeletics also offers audio coaching that will help you stay motivated and get through your workout routine faster.  While the free version of the app contains 25 individual exercises, 20 bodyweight HIIT workouts, and 20 audio-based workouts, you can subscribe to the paid version starting from $1.55 a week per week that will include an AI-powered personal trainer. This virtual trainer will devise a workout routine for you based on your preference, fitness level, and experience and will help you stay on top of your fitness goals.


If you are someone who likes to share fitness goals and accomplishments with your friends, Strava may be a better fitness app for you. The app is curated in a way that instills and encourages a little friendly competition as ‌users bike, swim, and run their way to achieving peak fitness.

Strava allows users to share workout photos and videos, follow fellow fitness fanatics’ workout activities, and even take part in workout challenges with other app users. All the while tracking and measuring your workout endurance, speed, and distance.

The paid version of this app is known as Strava Summit, which allows you to set, track, and adhere to your fitness goals. It offers customizable training plans and live feedback from health experts and trainers that will help you work out more efficiently.


If you have just started your fitness journey and are new to workouts, diets, and exercises, this is the app for you. We can’t stress enough on the benefits of live workout classes. The app offers more than 200 live workout videos every week to its users with clear and safe instructions from fitness experts and trainers alongside some genuine motivation that helps make fitness fun.

OpenFit also includes on-demand classes, personalized nutrition programs, monthly exercise challenges, meal plans, and tracking that help you stay on top of your fitness goals.

Wrapping Up

Embarking on a fitness journey is now easier than ever. Multiple digital aids can help you stick to your fitness routine and achieve your fitness goals. However, you need to have access to a reliable internet connection to use these tools and apps effectively. You can subscribe to one of the HughesNet Unlimited Plans to have access to a high-speed and reliable internet connection.


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