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Can you sit anywhere on Allegiant?

Welcome to our Allegiant Airlines guide, a leading low-cost carrier. Allegiant Airlines takes pride in offering low-cost flights to a variety of destinations. However, seating is not unlimited. Let’s look at Allegiant’s seat selection policy, how to get your ideal seat, the benefits of having a choice, and the pros and cons of paying for seat selection. To book cheap Allegiant flights, visit the Booking Trolley or call +1-585-935-7101.

Understanding Allegiant Airlines Seat Allocation Policy

Allegiant Airlines has an assigned seating system on all of its flights. This implies that when you book your ticket, your seat will be assigned to you. It is important to remember that Allegiant Airlines does not allow travelers to select their seats at the airport. The assigned seats are usually provided at the time of booking, which provides clarity and order to the boarding process.

However, there are specific exceptions to this standard seat allocation policy:

Traveling with Medical Devices: Passengers traveling with portable oxygen concentrators (POC) or other required medical devices will be offered a window seat to fulfill their needs.

Traveling with Infants: If you are traveling with a child under the age of two, Allegiant Airlines will allocate you a seat next to an empty seat so that the child can utilize a car seat for safety and comfort.

Accommodations for Disabilities: Allegiant Airlines makes every effort to accommodate passengers with disabilities to the best of their capabilities. If you are unable to sit in your assigned seat due to a disability, the airline will make any necessary adjustments.

Tips for Getting Your Desired Seat on Allegiant

Getting the best seat on an Allegiant Airlines trip requires careful planning and consideration. Here are some practical tips to help you get the seat you want:

Book Early: Booking your flight as soon as possible boosts your chances of securing the seat of your choice. Those who arrive early usually have a better pick of available seats.

Seat Selection: Allegiant Airlines has a variety of seat selection options, such as aisle seats, window seats, and seats with extra legroom in the exit rows. If you need a certain seat, consider paying an additional cost for seat selection during the booking process.

Travel Date Flexibility: If your travel plans allow for it, consider flying on less popular days or times. Flights at off-peak times or on less popular days frequently provide additional seat alternatives.

Inquire at the Airport: If you are not happy with your assigned seat, make sure to inquire at the airport check-in counter or at the gate whether there are any other available seats that correspond to your preferences.

Benefits of Choosing Your Seat on Allegiant Airlines

Selecting your seat on Allegiant Airlines offers a range of benefits that can enhance your travel experience:

Comfort Tailored to You: Select a seat that corresponds to your comfort requirements. If you’re tall, for instance, choosing an exit row seat with more legroom can make a big difference.

Group Seating: When traveling with family or friends, selecting your seats allows you to sit together, ensuring a more enjoyable and shared journey.

Avoiding Unpleasant Encounters: By choosing your seat, you can avoid sitting next to someone who is disruptive or unpleasant based on previous encounters.

Is it Worth Paying for Seat Selection on Allegiant?

Deciding whether to pay for seat selection on Allegiant Airlines depends on your specific circumstances:

Consider Your Seating Needs: If having a certain seat is important to you, spending the extra money for seat selection is usually worth it to ensure your comfort and happiness.

Consider Flexibility: If you’re willing to accept the seat given to you, avoiding the extra price may be a realistic choice for saving money on travel.


Finally, while Allegiant Airlines assigns seats to all passengers, there are exceptions for people with special requirements. Understanding the seat allocation procedure, utilizing smart booking strategies, and weighing the benefits of selecting your seat are all necessary elements to ensure a comfortable travel experience. Allegiant Airlines is devoted to offering affordable and enjoyable travel, whether you choose an assigned seat or pay for seat selection. Allegiant Airlines can be reached at +1-585-935-7101 for flight booking and assistance. Additionally, the Booking Trolley website provides a streamlined booking experience for finding excellent deals on Allegiant flights. Enjoy your Allegiant Airlines flights, where comfort and savings go hand in hand!


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