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Forklifts For Sale by Sun Equipment

Sun Equipment is the National Leader in Used Forklifts For Sale

Sun Equipment is one of the known companies in the USA, that sells used forklifts. These forklifts are used by most industries for material handling purposes in their businesses. You will always get good quality Forklifts from Sun Equipment that are very useful for transporting items from one place to another.

Interested buyers can get the product from Sun Equipment forklifts that are ready to use and buyers can straightway use them in their industry. There is no need to invest money in a new forklift as buyers can get a forklift in perfectly working condition at a very affordable price.

What to check while buying a used forklift?

This forklift equipment company will offer the best price for any used forklift, however, before buying it, you must make sure that the forklift you are considering to buy, meets all your requirement.

Inspect the forks

Things to look for while inspecting the used forklift inventory are:

  1. Cracks

If you notice any large deep cracks then it will be too unsafe to use.

  1. Bends

Bends are also another sign of overloading.

  1. Fork heels wearing

Check the signs of wear and tear at the fork heels.

Inspect The Mast

While inspecting the mast, check the following:

  1. Mast rails

No cracks must be seen.

  1. Mast rollers

No excessive wear should be present.

  1. Lift chains

No damaged/missing links in chains.

  1. Hoses

No hydraulic fluid leaking present.

Inspect the body and frame

Inspect the following:

  1. Canopy

No bends or damage should be seen.

  1. Cab

No broken/missing cab.

  1. Chassis

No cracks visible.

  1. Tires

Must be in good condition.

Inspecting The Cab

The following things of cab must be inspected:

  1. Seat and seatbelt

Ensure that the seat is ok and the seatbelt fastens properly.

  1. Engine

Start the engine and do you hear any unusual noises?

  1. Hydraulic levers

Ensure that levers are operating smoothly.

  1. Test drive

Satisfy yourself and ensure smooth working.

  1. Control

Check all controls and they should be functioning.

Inspect under the hood

Inspect the following under the hood:

  1. Hoses

Ensure that no leaks, cracks, dirt buildup, on the engine hoses.

  1. Oil

Check the oil level as well as the colour.

  1. Belts

Ensure that the belts are tight/not cracked or worn out.

  1. Filter

Should be clean.

  1. Battery

Ensure that the terminals of the battery are in good condition.

  1. Propane

If your forklift is propane, check the tank brackets and bolts.

What to consider while buying a forklift?

  • Should you buy pre-owned forklift or a new one?
  • Should you choose propane, electric, or diesel as fuel?
  • What capacity will you need?
  • What type of battery to choose: lithium or lead-acid?
  • What forklift size should you buy?
  • What type of tires you choose: pneumatic or cushion tires?
  • Should you rent or buy your forklift?

Those who are looking for forklifts urgently should contact Sun Equipment as early as possible to avoid disappointment. However, if the type of forklift that you are looking for is currently not available then the same will be arranged soon by them.


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