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Leading a Revolution in the Local Chamber of Commerce

Across the country, the local Chamber of Commerce has historically been a significant resource for small business owners looking to make an impact in the local community. Unfortunately, for the past few decades, many small-business owners did not receive the support they deserve. Local chambers have largely become a club for the good old boys. It turned into a social network that was struggling to provide people with the benefits and support they needed. What needed to happen? The answer was that New Blood needed to be injected, and that is exactly what Mike Cully represents for the San Diego area.

Getting Rid of the Three P’s

Anyone who has seen an old TV show that resembles a window into the past has seen what a traditional Chamber of Commerce looks like. When Michael Mike Cully took over, his goal was to get rid of that exact imagery. This could be reassembled in the three p’s, which were pancake breakfasts, pageants, and parades. Even though they might be fun, they are not the best way to provide local business owners with the support they needed. He knew that he needed to get rid of them to make sure the businesses in San Diego had the resources they needed.

Acting as a Small Business Consultant

Immediately, he decided that he needed to turn the East County Chamber of Commerce into a small business consulting operation. If someone who runs the janitorial firm has questions, who is he going to turn to? If someone needs help to develop a new business plan, how are they going to get the help they need? If there is a local business that has questions about taxes, who do they call for help? Immediately, Mike Cully wanted the answer to be the answer.

A Catalyst for Change

Ultimately, Michael Cully’s goal was to make sure that the local Chamber of Commerce was a catalyst for change in the region. With A New Perspective, it is possible to push the local area in a positive direction. He is a product of Coronado schools, San Diego State University, and the University of Pacific. He has no desire to sit still, and he wants to make sure that local business owners have the resources they need. This means that change has to take place.

What Happens Next?

Even though he has already enjoyed a significant amount of success, Mike Cully wants to make sure he is the big man in the community. He wants people to turn to him for support, and he wants to be there when people need him the most. It is this type of dedication that has already led to a lot of positive changes in the local area, and more are to come in the future.


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