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Operating initiative at Smart Towkay

Finding the best business loan according to the customers’ requirements has been distinguished by the policies provided with the facility by Smart Towkay. Smart Towkay has initiated to deal with the customers to lend money a loan from different banking sectors. The banking loan which can be appropriate for the lender according to their requirement in the business field will be suggested by Smart Towkay. They develop technological innovation in the banking suggestion to provide a guide regarding loans according to their choice. Asking for loans from banks is not a very easy process. People have to wander from place to place to access loans to be sanctioned. But Smart Towkay has allowed the customers to lend money from their suitable banking sectors. Getting a loan from any bank has been done smoothly by taking help from Smart Towkay as they help lenders save time comparing loans at different banks. They help compare business loan rates and amounts from other banks, and the process is very technology-friendly without any hassle.

Corporate Account Opening Singapore is a factor that Smart Towkay can manage in dealing with different banks. This organization helps to open an account for business purposes that can be small or medium-sized businesses. Still, the corporate account opening or opening of a business account can be easier with the initiative of Smart Towkay. HSBC, OCBC, and DBS have distinctive criteria for opening a business account. The appropriate bank for opening a new account for business purposes can be chosen with the initiative of Smart Towkay. This account opening process varies from one bank to the other. If the customers create a current online account on CIMB, they can be awarded $100 cash credit from Smart Towkay. They have to make an initial deposit of $8,000, and the interest rate is 0.1%. Per chequebook, they charge a chequebook fee that is $25. Smart Towkay has maintained this business bank account (SGD) framework with the support of the Government. Government Grants Aggregator has been initiated by the Singapore Government to help the organizations during COVID 19 pandemic. The Government has decided to provide grants to organizations to operate their business activities to secure online investment. Six grants have been aggregated by the Government such as:

  • Enhance work-life grant (ended on 2020 1st June)
  • Productivity solution grant with the help of laptop bundle (ended on 2020 31st December)
  • P-max grant
  • Career Support Program (ceased from 1st September 2020)
  • SG united traineeship program
  • MAS-SFA-AMTD Fin tech Solidarity Grant 2020

These grants were issued to help Singapore-based companies operate their business appropriately while the economic crisis was going on in the world’s financial sector. S$6 million grant has been issued to motivate the FinTech companies across Singapore to face the changing business situation due to the pandemic.


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