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Points To Consider About Stainless Steel Tube Fittings

Bending a stainless tube or pipe is arduous and not even possible for all. If you apply a secondary process, it can take a long period and cost more. Therefore, using stainless steel tube fittings Is highly beneficial for you.

You can easily use it to join the ends of two stainless steel pipes or tubes. Here are some valuable points that can show why you should choose stainless steel material for your tube fittings.

Features of stainless steel

The excellent strength and durability of stainless steel make it an effective material for your use. The metal components used in stainless steel determine its hardiness, flexibility, and tensile strength.

Comprising more Chromium than Nickel in stainless steel increases its capacity of bearing load. It elevates the yield strength per square inch compared to the yield strength of the concrete.


Steel is an alloy that consists of carbon and iron. Sometimes, you may notice some amount of rust over the steel due to continuous exposure to air and water. It is easily controllable if you properly monitor and keep it free from the water stain.

Carbon protects stainless steel tube fittings from rust and corrosion. The coating of a Chromium layer over the steel creates a buffer between air and water and the steel body. This prevents the steel from corrosion at the time of fabricating.

Temperature resistance

Stainless steel materials are resistant to high temperatures. It is suitable for use at 550 degrees Celsius and the above temperature. The relatively high chromium and nickel components make stainless steel tube fittings deal with high heat.


The combination of ductility and hardening rates makes stainless steel easy to fabricate. This feature allows it to form various shapes. You can cut, weld, form, and fabricate stainless steel using standard equipment and methods.

Ductility is measured as the percentage of elongation during tensile testing before the fracture. The annealed austenitic stainless steel tube fittings have high elongation power that is around 60-70%.


Stainless steels contain more than 80% recycled materials. You can recycle the steel again and again because they do not lower its quality. Recycling steel is easier compared to other materials.

Recycled steels also save energy as it does not require mining, processing, and transporting. There are many recyclers for steel who can collect your stainless steel and pay you for recycling.

Applications of stainless steel tubes
Stainless steel pressure tube

This type of Stainless steel pressure tube includes a seamless and welded tube, electric fusion welded tube, and large diameter welded tube.

Stainless steel sanitary tube

Sanitation is a high priority for Stainless steel sanitary tubes as these tubes come into contact with food and sensitive products.

Stainless steel mechanical tube

Stainless steel mechanical tubes are suitable to use as cylinders, bearings, and other hollow-shaped applications.


Due to its ductility features, Stainless steel can form any shape and size according to the purpose. So, you can get the perfect pattern and dimension for your stainless steel tube fittings. Make sure to have accurate measurements before purchasing your tube fittings.


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