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Spring’s Best Blooms: 7 Flowers That Make Perfect Gifts

Flowers are always considered a classic and graceful gift to convey love, blessings, care, happiness, friendship and compassion. In Spring, varieties of exotic flowers bloom which gives a true refreshing delight. From a floral decoration for an occasion to gifting someone on special days, has become a trend these days. There are many spring flowers available online to gift your friend, beloved or someone special in your family.  Send flowers to India, and convey your thankfulness, and love to your near and dear ones.

In this blog, you will get to know the best 7 spring flowers to gift your special ones on their birthday, anniversary, housewarming, graduation, or even retirement. Read all the points carefully:


One of the best blossoming flowers of the spring season is Daffodil. These flowers come in multiple colours, and with their enchanting sight, they attract everyone. They come in single and double flowers. These are spring-sprouting flowers, and when they are in huge quantities, make a beautiful landscape with their natural beauty. This flower can be gifted to your friend, partner, mother, or sister on their special days like Birthdays or anniversaries.


It’s another best selection of spring blossoms, which you can send to your close and dearest in a gift box or hand-tied arrangement. They are best for housewarming, birthdays, get-togethers etc. Tulips come in various colours like Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Orange, White, Pink etc. These exotic floral bulbs make everyone stunned especially when they are arranged together. The beautiful colours with fresh green leaves look very exotic which mesmerises everyone.

Lily of the Valley

Shop online for Lily of the Valley and gift to your loved ones with gracious emotions. This spectacular look of these lovely perennials makes everyone mesmerised with their bell-like flowers. You can celebrate every occasion with the beauty of the “lilies of the Valley”. Send your best wishes with this lovely gift of Nature in spring.


If you want to convey your best wishes to your loved ones for a specific location like Delhi, your search would be like: Send flowers to Delhi, deliver the best gifts to Delhi etc. One of the best flowers is Magnolia which can be sent to your dear ones to make them blessed and happy on every joyous occasion. This flower blooms from late winter to mid-spring. These lovely flowers are found both in evergreen, and deciduous environments. It also comes in varieties like light pink and pastel shades. With these beautiful flowers, you can easily send your heartfelt emotions to your sweet partners. Demonstrate your love, and care with the best blooms of Magnolia.


Roses are evergreen flowers, but in spring, these beautiful blooms come in large quantities because, in this phase, they get new leaves and buds. With multiple colours like red, yellow, orange, jumilia, pink, white etc, you can make your loved ones surprised for sure. You can send a bunch of red roses online, and surprise your near and dear ones. Greet them “Happy Birthday” or “Happy Anniversary” with its exquisite natural beauty and fragrance. Your recipient will surely get an amazing feel with the best of your emotions.


This eye-catching floral bloom grows well in spring, and it comes in varieties of colours like pink, white, purple, red, light orange etc. The Foxgloves blooms once a year, but with a dynamic look, it catches every attention. So, these flowers can be used in decorations and gifting. Celebrate every occasion with your heartfelt wishes, and acute intimacy. Order flowers online, and send your gratitude to your mom, father, uncle, daughter, and friend which will be enough to surprise them with midnight, same-day deliveries.


It’s another collection in the list of vibrant spring-blooming flowers. These beautiful flowers are known as the “queen of flowers” With adorable blooms, and beautiful scents, they are a perfect gift for your dear ones. Send natural wishes with the beauty of Peonies.


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