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What is chatgpt and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Chatgpt has proved to be the new name in the world of technology which acts like a digital assistant. However, just like all the other tools, Chatgpt also has advantages and disadvantages at the same time. And getting to know them before you implement them can be pretty hard for you.

Therefore, here we are going to tell you the pros and cons of using Chatgpt in your business.


  • When your customer service representatives are using chatgpt as a tool, they will benefit a lot in terms of time-saving. They can use it and they would be able to respond to a lot of chats, at the same time. so they won’t have to wait for the representative to get free to answer.
  • Since Chatgpt helps you communicate in natural language processing, the customers would not need to get into unnecessary details to get the answer.
  • This tool is also very helpful for a better customer experience. This is because the customers get to have quick responses and proper answers to their questions, so they do like to come back.
  • It also helps businesses to save money on the recruitment of more workers. Since Chatgpt can handle a lot of things on its own, therefore customer care representatives are not needed in a large amount to answer queries.


  • Although there is a lot that this AI tool has got to offer, still it is a language that lacks the nuances and subtlety of the natural human language. This is the reason why it is not the proper conversation like human beings do.
  • The chances for mistakes and misinterpretation of the information are still there. This is because the response of this Al tool is based on the logarithms that it has seen already. And based on a certain scenario, the chances for misinterpretation are pretty high.
  • Another thing is that this AI tool needs a lot of training and time to learn, which can be wasteful for a business. And further, it could lead to a delay in coping with the latest technology.

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