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Top Business Magazines in India

Since the global economy has been booming, many business periodicals have joined the market. According to their stated goals, these publications follow, examine, and report on current trends, do market research, and forecast who will rule the corporate world.

You have access to a seemingly limitless supply of advanced analytics, news, developments, and recommendations online, but how would you decide which are worthwhile having read?

Every business person and company enthusiast should read and remain current on the top business magazines in India, which are listed below to make it easy for you.

The revisions these commercial publications in India deliver are evaluated to provide the reader with authentic information. The best and most popular business publications are included in the selection of top business magazines in India year 2022, which you can trust.

Here are the top ten Indian business publications that are well-liked by people worldwide for your support.

Business Outreach Magazine

Business Outreach Magazine is ranked higher among the best business publications in India. It is because its publications in top business magazines in India focus on technology and knowledge of how it affects businesses and entrepreneurs.

  • They always work closely with software solutions pioneering the uptake of innovations in their specific domains and utilizing them to address critical market problem areas.
  • Numerous businesses highlighted in these special editions benefit from notoriety by receiving requests for their products or collaborations.
  • It is also broadening its customer base in the years after they begin operations.

Small and medium-sized businesses may use Business Outreach as a venue to get important industry visibility. Entrepreneurship is among the top business magazines in India with an Indian version.


Adweek, a well-known publication widely read in India, offers some of the most relevant and practical information on audience-targeting advertising strategies. Readers gain an excellent understanding and the best showcase of company operations thanks to the creative stories posted in it. These are the ideal and top business magazines in India.

Business Barons

The top business magazines in India for anyone looking for contemporary economics news in Business Barons. It is specifically designed for business executives and primarily seeks to develop future leaders. The journal gives you insightful information on the many Indian businesses and updates you on current business trends in technology, education, and other areas.

Business Today

Business Today is one of the earliest periodicals to examine the practical implications of business administration ideas. The top business magazines in India contain a broad scope of enterprises and sectors. Those who want to make their reputations in the field may draw inspiration from others’ successes and mistakes and learn from them.

  • Are you searching for an Indian-born business publication? Business Magazine is one of the country’s top weekly business publications. The publication is regarded as a pioneer among Indian business periodicals.
  • The publication’s sections cover various topics, including markets, sports,e-commerce, trade, wealth, government, innovation, and finance.
  • Business India Magazine also supports other Indian tongues as being among the top business magazines in India.
  • These are the most widely read top business magazines in India, and their No. 1 ranking is Business Today Magazine.

A membership to Business Today journal offers in-depth coverage of the industry, economics, and society worldwide, enabling readers to prepare themselves for life’s unexpected difficulties better. Business Today India Journal has the most extensive viewership and circulation among all business publications published in India.

Business World

Business World is among the most-read business publications in India. The ABP Company puts out these top business magazines in India. It is released every week and includes a variety of topics, including the economy, advertising, marketing, aviation, information technology, telecommunications, personal finance, corporations, finance, and more.

Business World Magazine is the most popular and widely distributed business publication in the nation. A biweekly magazine, BW BusinessWorld.

These top business magazines in India have extensive in-depth articles and interviews that concentrate on the significant business themes and problems that will either influence your destiny or assist you in better understanding the present.

Economic Times

Economic Time, one of India’s top business publications, is a fantastic option for learning financial and business information. All the publications have excellent corporate and economic news coverage as the business magazines in India.

It is a recognized resource for accurate and trustworthy info. The Magazine has made considerable improvements in recent years that have significantly increased its audience.

 India Inc

The 9.9 Universal Publishing Company is the author of Inc. India.

  • It maintained its status as a powerful category of top-quality US journals named Inc. and mainly, concentrated on the economy in the context.
  • And for this reason, Inc. India has traditionally become one of the top business magazines in India.
  • Managing Partner Magazine seems to be a business publication of Indian origin that concentrates on IR and HR (Industrial Relations).
  • These top business magazines in India keep readers informed about work environment solutions, government notifications regarding labor laws, case studies, and analyses.

They also inform employer-employee interactions, managerial book chapters, and HR headlines for Hr practitioners, intellectuals, Opinion makers, corporate and corporate leaders, CEOs, office managers, and labor/legal professionals.


If you’re searching for a particular business magazine, Livemint is among the trustworthy choices. Its website covers all business trends and developments inside and outside the nation, and it has a very high user audience engagement. Since 2007, Livemint has been available in all the top business magazines in India.

Business Outlook Magazine

Another well-known business publication is Outlook Business Magazine. Additionally, it is a biweekly magazine. Outlook addresses the share prices, economics, finance, and banking sector. Outlook is the premier business magazine for its significant contributions and high-quality material.

The Magazine Outlook Business provides exciting insights from many business and financial areas. This business publication’s readership seeks a thorough grasp of the economic dynamics. One should go and try it out today.

It thoroughly reviews various topics, including real estate, tourism, healthcare, wise savings, economics, and investing. These top business magazines in India offer advice on investing, saving, and increasing your money.

The CEO Journal

The CEO Journal is renowned for fostering the exceptional benefits of the startup community and active business people to study IT trends. It offers relevant and motivating case studies.

The most influential business leaders are drawn to Magazine since it is the most prominent business publication. The information and details in this publication ensure the prosperity of the world’s most influential people. These top business magazines in India cover financial planning, culture, technology, e-commerce, and the stock market.


There is activity everywhere in response to the government’s goal of a $5 trillion industry. India is developing and is quickly becoming a hub for new enterprises.

Anyone looking to take advantage of this potential opportunity must have a list of the top business magazines in India. A number of actions have been taken to boost “the economic strength” of India. One can only gain immense benefit after reading the top magazines on the list.

Infrastructure, education, and agricultural expenditures all saw significant boosts in the previous budget.

These top business magazines in India are essential for business executives and keep you updated with India’s changing business environment. Hence, don’t think much and go for it.


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