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What is the recent news on Ron Desantis for his presidential campaign in 2024?

Governor of Florida, Ron Desantis remarks on Fox News where he predicts that he would make changes. He stated that he would bring changes to the two White House terms if he manages to defeat Donald Trump in the Republican nomination for the presidential elections in 2024.

DeSantis has been making the news a lot these days as we find him very actively participating in his election campaign.

He is a very strong candidate for president and after Donald Trump, he is the most expected candidate for president. The fire between Donald Trump and the 46th governor of Florida is always ablaze and it keeps the news hot all the time.

We see that Ron Desantis seems to be firm on his narrative of bringing change to the way things are going in the White House as well as in the rest of the country. He seems vigilant and ready to bring change and many believe that with this firm attitude, he could make it up to become the president of the United States.

The Ron vs. Don game is on in the united states of America and the voters are enjoying it as well. It is nothing new to find a few voters bickering with each other on the topic of the expected president for the upcoming elections.

The governor of Florida is known to be the best one for the state so far. As Florida is his home state and here he is working hard to provide better life to the people. He is working on all the bills for the betterment of his home state.

Just recently it came out that Ron DeSantis has approved more than $6.1 million in awards to military communities through the Defense Infrastructure Grant Program, the Defense Reinvestment Grant Program, and the Florida Defense Support Task Force Grant Program.

The other Ron Desantis news tells us that he has taken measures to enhance cyber security in Florida as well. every day we hear him taking different measures for the betterment of the state and giving opportunities to better people as well.

Therefore if you want to learn more about this candidate for the president, keep up with the news until the elections decide who is the final winner.


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